2017 White Rose Barbell Open

*****FRIDAY 10/06/17 is the deadline to register AND GET A T-SHIRT. Registration will continue until the day before the meet provided we don’t fill before then******

REGISTRATION LIMITED TO FIRST 125 ENTRIES; if registration is closed, please email Madeline (madeline@crossfityork.com) to be placed on a wait list. If there is enough interest, we will possibly open additional sessions.


1) Purchase your ticket via Eventbrite

2) Email the following information to Madeline (madeline@crossfityork.com):


Date of Birth and Age


Weight Class (USAW Weight Class Designations)

USAW Number

Competition Status (Novice = 2 or fewer USAW meets; Master = older than 35; Youth = younger than 17; Open)

Club Affiliation (if any)

Coach(es) Name(s)

T-shirt size


Saturday: OPEN

Session 1: Male 56,62,69,77,85     7am weigh in / 9 am lift

Session 2: Female 48,53,58,63      9am weigh in / 11 am lift

Session 3: Male 94,105,105+        11am weigh in / 1 pm lift

Session 4: Female 69,75,90,90+    1pm weigh in / 3pm lift


Sunday: Master / Novice / Youth / Junior

Session 5: Male 56,62,69,77,85     7am weigh in / 9 am lift

Session 6: Female 48,53,58,63      9am weigh in / 11 am lift

Session 7: Male 94,105,105+        11am weigh in / 1 pm lift

Session 8: Female 69,75,90,90+    1pm weigh in / 3pm lift



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Congrats Casey and Taylor!

The White Rose Barbell Club proudly sent two lifters, Casey Rohrbaugh and Taylor Rohrbaugh, to the 2016 American Open in Orlando, Florida. This was Casey’s second national meet and Taylor’s first.

Coached by our executive director, Rusty Mirasol, Casey (58kg) went 6 for 6 [sn: 68, 73, 75; c&j: 81, 86, 88] and qualified for USAW Nationals, which will be held in Chicago this coming May. Taylor (69kg) put up some impressive numbers for her first appearance on the national stage [sn: 70, 75, (80); c&j 90, 93, (96)], and she’ll be working towards a Nationals qualifying total in the coming months.

The White Rose Barbell Club is proud to be able to fund our athletes’ travel expenses for these national meets. Our coaches and Board of Directors raise money so that our athletes’ hard work can be recognized by the USAW community. For some of our lifters and coaches, without the funding from the club traveling to these national meets wouldn’t be possible. We’d like to thank all those who have contributed to the club, who have supported our athletes’ and coaches’ success. Recent sponsors have included the Kinsley Foundation, Holy Hound Taproom, Livesore Philly, Lifting Culture Apparel, and Joy’s Cafe.

2016 White Rose Barbell Open

WRBBO2014October 8-9, 2016 at CrossFit York!
Register for the event!!

USAW Sanctioned Meet #08-16-39145

REGISTRATION LIMITED TO FIRST 125 ENTRIES; if registration is closed, please email Madeline (madeline@crossfityork.com) to be placed on a wait list. If there is enough interest, we will possibly open additional sessions.

For your registration to be complete, you MUST email the following information to Madeline (madeline@crossfityork.com):


Date of Birth and Age


Weight Class (USAW Weight Class Designations)

USAW Number

Competition Status (Novice = 2 or fewer USAW meets; Master = older than 35; Youth = younger than 17; Open)

Club Affiliation (if any)

Coach(es) Name(s)

T-shirt size

Saturday, October 8, 2016 at 7:00 AM – Sunday, October 9, 2016 at 7:00 PM (EDT)
CrossFit York – 147 W Philadelphia St (Rear), York, PA 17401
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2015 White Rose Barbell Open Results

2015WRRBBOpenFirst, thanks to everyone who lifted, coached, volunteered, and sponsored our meet this year. We’ll chalk it up as another success, with lots of white lights, sweaty loaders, and learning experiences.

We’re happy to announce that Michael Wallace, with a 23kg improvement from his 2014 WRBB Open total, is the winner of our most improved award (highest increase based on Sinclair Coefficient). Michael will receive complimentary registration for the 3rd Annual White Rose Barbell Open (Sept. 17th-18th) and $100.

2015 WRBB Open Most Improved Competition

The 2015 top 3 male & 3 female based on the Sinclair Coefficient will receive complimentary registration to the 3rd Annual White Rose Barbell Open (Sept. 17th-18th):

Men: 1. Joey Szatmary     2. John Deane    3. Michael Zoda

Women: 1. Kate Wehr    2. Casey Rohrbaugh  3. Caitlin Browne

2105 WRBBC Open Scoresheet

We have photos to post; those will be up shortly. Again, thanks again… and may your lights be white!