USAW L-1 Coach Certifications

The next USAW L-1 seminar led by Rusty Mirasol will be held at Fire for Effect Athletics in Philadelphia on November 9 and 10, 2019.


OR HOST YOUR OWN: Are you a coach or gym owner looking for a way to get an edge for your clients or athletes? White Rose Barbell Club Director Rusty Mirasol, a national level USAW coach, is available to offer following USAW L-1 certifications.

Weightlifting will unequivocally improve ALL athlete performance, regardless of their chosen sport or fitness goals. Whether you coach CrossFit, high school track athletes, or your local rugby team, the ability to properly train and fine tune your athletes’ weightlifting techniques will drastically up-level their strength, power output, coordination, and balance. Weightlifting can help you help your athletes reach their fitness and performance goals.