2017 White Rose Barbell Open

*****FRIDAY 10/06/17 is the deadline to register AND GET A T-SHIRT. Registration will continue until the day before the meet provided we don’t fill before then******

REGISTRATION LIMITED TO FIRST 125 ENTRIES; if registration is closed, please email Madeline (madeline@crossfityork.com) to be placed on a wait list. If there is enough interest, we will possibly open additional sessions.


1) Purchase your ticket via Eventbrite

2) Email the following information to Madeline (madeline@crossfityork.com):


Date of Birth and Age


Weight Class (USAW Weight Class Designations)

USAW Number

Competition Status (Novice = 2 or fewer USAW meets; Master = older than 35; Youth = younger than 17; Open)

Club Affiliation (if any)

Coach(es) Name(s)

T-shirt size


Saturday: OPEN

Session 1: Male 56,62,69,77,85     7am weigh in / 9 am lift

Session 2: Female 48,53,58,63      9am weigh in / 11 am lift

Session 3: Male 94,105,105+        11am weigh in / 1 pm lift

Session 4: Female 69,75,90,90+    1pm weigh in / 3pm lift


Sunday: Master / Novice / Youth / Junior

Session 5: Male 56,62,69,77,85     7am weigh in / 9 am lift

Session 6: Female 48,53,58,63      9am weigh in / 11 am lift

Session 7: Male 94,105,105+        11am weigh in / 1 pm lift

Session 8: Female 69,75,90,90+    1pm weigh in / 3pm lift



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