Rusty MirasolRusty Mirasol: USAW National Level Coach and Lead Instructor

Rusty Mirasol began his athletic career in junior national tennis and was a heavily recruited Division I player. In addition to playing tennis for the US Naval Academy, Mirasol raced motorcycles, mountain bikes, and taught snowboarding for twelve years before earning his personal training certification and CF-L1. In 2008 he opened CrossFit York and has subsequently earned additional CrossFit certifications including CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Mobility, and his CF-L2. He is a USAW National Level coach and Lead Trainer. He has coached several athletes to the National stage, including the current U13 69+kg Youth National Champion.

Mirasol has developed the Evolution Performance Training system, which fully integrates CrossFit, weightlifting, powerlifting, and strongman to best prepare athletes for strength and muscle endurance, the two most important components of any fitness contest.







Madeline Mirasol: USAW Sports Performance Coach

Platforms: Competed at USAW Master’s Nationals

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