Hosting a USAW Certification

  Hosting a USAW certification is an opportunity to develop better athletes as well as build your gym’s presence in the community. With a USAW Sports Performance certification, you can start a local barbell club. This allows you to hold meets which can generate your gym additional revenue and visibility. Also, as a registered USAW barbell club, your organization is eligible for 501(c)(3) status, which allows you to generate funds through grants and other tax-deductible donations. If you host a USAW certification at your gym, your gym will earn $70 per participant.

If you request Rusty Mirasol as your instructor, you have exposure to his unique perspective of a CrossFit gym owner and  CF-L2 coach, barbell club executive director, as well as National Level USAW coach. He has successfully integrated the two spheres with regard to coaching, programming, fundraising, and taking his athletes to the national stage. For more information on hosting a USAW Certification and getting your own barbell club off the ground, contact Rusty at